Bong with Stereo to Honeycomb to Tree Percolator


This crystal clear glass bong is 18 ins. high, and comes with 3 distinct percolators. As you drag by way of the broadened mouth piece, the smoke goes thru the 18mm female joint, and right into the very first container with a stereo matrix perc. This particular perc features incisions all over it, that permits the optimum output of bubbles for purification. Right after purifying through the stereo perc, the herb smoke then moves to the next enclosure and filtrate thru a honeycomb percolator.

It is formed much like a disc using openings throughout its whole surface area. Last but not least, the herb smoke will filter using the 8 arm tree perc just before finally leaving the flared mouth piece.

To chill the smoke instantly ahead of your draw in, put a couple of ice cubes into the mouth piece. The 3-pronged ice catcher can store those ice cubes in the neck of glass bong.

This bong is big, terrific for purification, and steady on the wide bottom. It’s got all the things required for a superior toking session.

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Bong with Stereo to Honeycomb to Tree Percolator

This bong is big and hits like a dream! Take silky smooth huge hits!