Do You Need A Grinder For Weed? The Truth Revealed!

The simple answer is no, you do not need a grinder to smoke weed.
When you don’t smoke often I would recommend to just crumble your weed yourself, it is not that much work…

But like so many tools in life, a grinder is a handy device to crush your weed easily!
The teeth shaped bulges, like on the picture below, ensure that your weed is finely crumbled in a flash.
By turning the cap, the “tooth” crush your weed in a very fine manner, that you wouldn’t accomplish when you crush your weed by hand.
A grinder is very easy and save a little time, that you otherwise spend to manually crumble weed.

Personally I simply love my grinder. I use it every time I smoke and I take it with my when I smoke outdoors. As I described, grinders grind your weed in a jiffy.

Read a couple of benefits of grinders:

– You can grind your weed very fine and it’s done quickly, so you save some time and effort.
– Sometimes you can store a little weed in a layer of the grinder.
– You can easily take your grinder with you and store some weed at the same time.
– Some grinders filter out stems, that grinders contain a little screen that hold the pollen dust. You can use that later.

All this benefits are very handy, sure, but not necessarily needed. However, if you smoke on regularly basis, it is just a nice device that you can buy for not that much money. Grinders do make your life as a stoner more easy. The grinder on the image is equipped with a layer to store your weed and it features a pollen screen. If to choose to buy a grinder please don’t by a plastic or wooden grinder, they break easily. Always choose for a sturdy metal grinder. Click the link below and check out the grinder on the picture!

Thanks for reading and enjoy smoking!





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