Double HoneyComb Stemless Glass Bong


Here’s your opportunity to cost effectively acquire and have the incredible percolating power of a disc percolator, times 2 ! This particular borosilicate glass double honeycomb bong from Black Leaf’s HoneyComb collection comes with a stack of 2 Greenish glass disc percs with roughly 40 openings for each perc! The stemless layout obviously offers extra percolation for additional filtering, and ice notches in the tube enable you to throw in a couple of ice cubes for an in fact, chiller, smoother smoke! Black Leaf’s full-color HoneyComb emblem is showcased on the tube right under the strong, comfy mouth piece, and the bong arrives all set to use by having a transparent 18.8 millimeter slide bowl with integrated glass disc screen.

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Double HoneyComb Stemless Glass Bong

It's a great piece, highly recommend it.

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