Glass Ice Pipes Equals Transportable Smooth Hits

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glass ice pipes

This Steamroller is a perfect addition to this website due to the fact that you can put some ice cubes in this kind of glass ice pipes!

This glass ice pipe is made for herb smokers who like the unique benefits of ice in bongs, but also want the transportability of a hand pipe. Normally hand pipes give sharp hits, but now you have the benefit of the transportability of a hand pipe and at the same time enjoy cool and soft hits because of the ice cubes.

glass ice pipes
glass ice pipe

Can you picture yourself taking a hit out of a glass ice pipe? Imagine what a nice combination it would be to smoke out of a pipe that hold ice cubes. Freezing, ice cold tokes and you can take glass ice pipes anywhere you want! It's just an great overall experience!

Ice glass pipes of this kind are larger than you would expect and that is why they can hold a few ice cubes. This ice glass pipe has an length of 25 cm / 10 inches. The bowl of this EHLE glass pipe is very deep an can hold a lot of herb.

This ice glass pipe is very affordable it will cost you less than 30 dollars. Click the button below and read more!

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