Grace Glass Cane Straight Ice Bong with Honeycomb Disc Perc

Grace Glass Cane Straight Ice Bong with Honeycomb Disc Percolator

This superior looking straight tube ice bong by Grace Glass is a strong piece made out of solely the best warmth proof borosilicate glass.The bong comes geared up with a honeycomb disc perc, an 18.8mm female inline downstem, a pierced dome splashguard, a superb big dimension weed bowl and ice notches.

The honeycomb disc does a implausible job of diffusing the bubbly smoke by pulling it by the big amount of holes, offering necessary cleaning and cooling. The ice notches have been completely positioned so that you can place a couple of ice ice cubes within the bongs tube for a cooler, cleaner, tremendous clean toke that’s soft on the lungs and throat, however nonetheless overflowing with taste. A slitted splashguard has been put within the tube slightly below the ice notches to make sure that no undesirable water slashes up the tube and into your mouth.

This sturdy ice bong stands 29 cm / 11.5 inches tall and will be delivered with a straight tube that’s adorned with the Grace Glass emblem on it. The rimmed mouthpiece, the honeycomb disc, the splash dome, the weed bowl and the steady round bottom all include blue glass details that add to the bongs magnificence and make it extra cool. The 18.8mm weed bowl has a grip for straightforward removing and it sits completely within the bongs female joint. The Grace Glass emblem is put on the neck of the bong in the colour blue.

This Cane ice bong from Grace Glass is the right bong for people who smoke who’re trying to find a prime performing perc bong at an reasonably priced value. Pick up your Grace glass bong right this moment on the primary smoke store

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Grace Glass Cane Straight Ice Bong with Honeycomb Disc Perc

Hard hitting honeycomb bong! Silky smooth hits

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