A Smoother Toke From The Superior HoneyComb Bong

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On this page I gathered everything you need to know about honeycomb bongs to simplify your quest for the superior bong. 

Happy Toking! 

What Is A Bong?

In practical terms it's simply a glass container that filters your smoke. But as with all things in life it's a little more complex than that. And rightly so, I mean imagine if we all had to drive the same car. What a boring life that would be. Variety is the spice of life. A bong in essence is a three stage inhalation.

honeycomb perc

Step #1

Double Honeycomb Bong

Step #2

honeycomb perc bong

Step #3

Step 1: Place your favorite herb in the down stem and fire it up. Watch it tinder and crackle and wait for a second.

Step 2: Slowly, you start inhaling through the mouthpiece. This causes a pressure buildup in the main chamber of the bong vessel. When this happens, bubbles start to appear in the water.

Step 3: When you pull out the down stem a sudden change off pressure will occur, this causes the air to travel upwards through the water simultaneously with the smoke causing a tornado of bubbles. Because of this process the smoke gets a little bit filtered by the water and this will make the smoke a little cleaner and thicker. You take a hit the moment you remove the down stem.

This of course poses the question.

What's The Difference Between A Regular Bong And A Percolator Bong?

Well in basic terms not a great deal. The principal is the same. But the percolator bong has one or more chambers containing water. Now this is where the magic happens. These chambers are separated from each other by a process of filters. They can be dome filters, tree filters, coil and ring. And of course the ultimate bong filter, the honeycomb. This extra phase of filtering not only allows for filtration, they allow the smoke to gather in a more condensed fashion. Allowing a thicker, richer even creamier smoke. Which in turns gives a smoother toke.

It's the difference between drinking water and drinking milk. Far smoother, far richer, and an overall better experience.

A Smoother Toke From a Superior Bong

The Honeycomb percolator bong is once again slightly different to the average bong or mini glass bong. And its purpose is to further filter the smoke. The increased percolation allows the smoke to rid itself of toxins and become cleaner. A honeycomb filter is basically just a glass disc with perforation, anywhere between 40 and 100 separate holes make up the honeycomb.

That sharp, almost harsh hit of the past is gone with the honeycomb filter. It literally enhances the experience and allows for a smooth, milky inhalation. In our opinion these are the best smoking experience around. Since I am a smoker myself I completely understand the benefit of the honeycomb bong!

  • Honeycomb perc bong absolutely give you the best possible high you can imagine
  • You get a clean toke that is extremely pleasant for your throat and full of aroma
  • You can pick the honeycomb perc bong that matches your personality and wishes
  • Honeycomb perc bongs look amazing and are a great addition to your room
  • Want an ice cold and smooth toke? Pick an ice bong with honeycomb percolator

You even have a choice between single, double or triple honeycomb for your own personal taste.

Honeycombbong.com is the worlds premier resource to find top-notch honeycomb bongs. I never recommend third rate junk, I smoke myself so I take great care to select the very best quality honeycomb bongs and pass them on to you. You're in safe hands with me. After numerous smoke sessions you can rest assured I know honeycomb bongs inside and out. And I would NEVER recommend a substandard product.

Are Honeycomb Bongs Any Harder To Clean Than Regular Bongs?

Nope not at all. Despite what people may of said, the honeycomb bong is just as easy to maintain as a regular bong. You get that fresh crisp milky flavor every shot.

The products I recommend are made from the finest quality glass, by professional glass makers who do this all day every day. You don't just purchase a bong, you get a quality smoking apparatus that will last for a lifetime. All of your purchases are backed by a full guarantee. If for any reason you're honeycomb bong doesn't arrive in one piece you get a refund. No questions asked. That's the level of service you can expect from the head shops I work with.

Take a look around and find the bong that fits your needs. Whether you're a casual smoker or a daily one, I can supply you with pure luxury and the final word in toke excellence. Why settle for terrible inhalation and sharp stabbing flavors? Switch to a smoother toke and start enjoying your smoke the way it was intended.

These are the best perc bongs on the planet, no contest. So join the party and start actually enjoying your chill time. You deserve to relax, so do it in in style.

“Sit back, kick your shoes off. Grab your finest herb and fire her up. Settle into your favorite sofa and listen to the soft bubbling of the honeycomb filters as they purify and clean your next hit. Soft, silky mouthfuls of smoke that almost feel like marshmallow. Close your eyes and relax, this is the experience you've been waiting for. Can you imagine going back to a regular bong?”

Neither can I. Order yours today and find out why those that have tried our honeycomb bongs have never gone back. Ever.
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