Looking for a Honeycomb Bong for sale? I’ve got you covered!

Searching for a honeycomb bong for sale? I've got you covered! But if you need more information about honeycomb bongs in general I recommend that you visit our homepage first.

Cool, you already know that you are looking for a honeycomb bong for sale but you are not sure where to buy your new baby. I can imagine, there are a lot of different online head shops that offer honeycomb bongs nowadays.

Most of the online head shops offer great quality bongs but there are other factors you should consider before you buy bongs online. First of all it is importent that you pay the best possible price for your bong, secondly your bong should arrive at your place in one piece. And last but not least it should not take forever for your new piece to arrive, because you have some serious smoking to do!

At honeycombbong.com I recommend bongs from different online head shops and below I listed my favorites. These are all high quality shops with excellent customer service.


One of the oldest head shops online, excellent quality glass from various different top-notch brands. Grasscity got a very active online community and you should definitely check out the forum!

Only downside....sometimes it takes a little longer for your glass to arrive when you order from the USA. Click here to visit Grasscity

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Headquartered in the historical Haight St. neighbourhood of San Francisco, Billowby is much more than another online headshop.

They emerged out of a frustration with the seedy nature of most online smoke shops, and dreamed of building a clean, online marketplace dedicated to creating the best customer experience and satisfaction.

They offer a constantly evolving lineup of the world's best smoking products and accessories tailored to fit any lifestyle, all at a fraction of the regular market price.
Click here to visit Billowby

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What is your favourite head shop? We love to hear from you. Positive or negative. Please share your experience and help fellow stoners make the best choice . Leave a comment!