Pimp Your Bong With An Awesome Honeycomb Bowl!

Bowls really take the appearance of your bong to a higher level. You can totally customise your bong to fit your personality and style. You can also give your bong a completely new look based on your mood or to match the colours of your smoking environment.

There are tons of stunning bowls out there and here I collected a few nice honeycomb glass bowls to give you a taste of the possibilities. And the good news is that it's not expensive to create a cool and unique bong: you can buy bowls for as low as 8 dollars!

There are tons of stunning bowls out there and here I just collected a few nice honeycomb glass bowls.
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Note: Make sure that you order the right size for your bowl!!! The size of your joint usually is 14.4 mm or 18.8 mm.

honeycomb bowl

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Unique Handmade Octopus Bowl

This sensational honeycomb glass bowl is eccentric and truly unique. The octopus on to the side of the honeycomb bowl is made by hand. So you get a truly unique made honeycomb glass bowl!

The fumed glass bowl will change color when you use it and this looks absolutely stunning! But don't worry, cleaning will return it to its initial look. An other benefit is that the bowl has a huge opening, for excellent air flow, and that's why your herb will burn evenly. The head of the octopus works at the same time as a handle, for easy lifting when you taking a hit.

This beauty is yours for less then 25 dollars! Select a 14.5 mm or 18.8 mm joint size when buying.

honeycomb glass bowl

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Monstrous Claw Bowl

It was never so cool to smoke your favorite herb from this monstrous claw slide bowl. The honeycomb glass bowl is available in lots of different colors.
For instance, black, blue, green and light blue.

This glass bowl is not only monstrous because of the claw, also you can take monstrous big tokes because the bowl is really big. Put in huge amount of your favorite herb and inhale smooth mouthfuls of smoke. An other benefit of the big bowl is that it's easy to put your herb in the bowl and to light it.

This claw honeycomb bowl cost you only $25. When ordering, choose from a 14.5mm or 18.8mm honeycomb bowl.

honeycomb bowl

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Elegant Pink Elephant Bowl

Anyone who actually have seen the "Dumbo" cartoon will recognize where the inspiration for this bowl came from 😉 And the most amazing this is that you basically put one of the most awesome and functional plants into the "head" of one of the most intelligent and fascinating animals alive. And that's what i call an awesome idea!

This honeycomb bowl is really a pleasure for the eye and will really increase your overall smoking experience. It will certainly gets attention from anyone you smoke with.

Unfortunately it is hard the see the magnificent detail of this bowl in the picture; You have to see it yourself! True craftsmanship for less than 23 dollars.

honeycomb glass bowl

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Beautiful Red or Blue Color Swirl

This honeycomb bowl is handmade and has nice color swirls. Each bowl is individually handblown by glass artists, so you bowl will certainly be one-of-a-kind. This honeycomb glass bowl is available in a red or blue color.

The glass bowl has a sturdy handle, so it's easy to lift when chilling in your favorite couch or chair. This bowl has an excellent price quality ratio and is yours for $27.50.

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honeycomb glass bowl

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Sleek Black Glass Bowl with Great Grip

This gorgeous black honeycomb glass bowl has a pretty cool and firm design. The bowl is handmade out of the best glass, so you won't break your new bowl! With this honeycomb bowl you're totally unique and stylish.

The bowl is extremely well-crafted, and shows the kind of craftsmanship that belongs in any bowl collection. This bowl has three little glass beads on each side and this provides a great grip when you take a silky smooth hit from our beloved Mary Jane.

B.T.W. This bowl is really cheap: It's for sale NOW for just $7.99.

There are tons of nice and unique glass bowls out there and there will be certainly one that is made for you. One that fits your personality, your preferences and your favorite color.

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