The Honeycomb Downstem: For Silky Smooth Tokes

A honeycomb downstem is basically a downstem with a lot of extra honeycomb holes. This has the function that you have less drag and it also creates a lot more bubbles. This offers you more percolation for smoother and creamier tokes. An other benefit is that some of the toxics or ash are already filtered out, for more clean hits that feel soft on the throat. The honeycomb diffuser downstem is very popular!

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honeycomb downstem

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The Blaze Glass Diffuser Downstem

This Blaze Glass belongs in this short list because it offers you great percolation all packed in this two-in-one set. The honeycomb downstem in this set is removable and it can be used together with the larger downstem. The honeycomb downstem has a 5 arm honeycomb diffuser at the end and this breaks up the smoke into tiny little bubbles, for a silky smooth hit. The larger joint has a percolator with slits, which breaks up your smoke into big bubbles.

The honeycomb downstem and the bigger downstem are decorated with the Blaze Glass logo. The set can be yours for less than 50 dollars.

honeycomb diffuser downstem

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The Grasscity Honeycomb Downstem

This downstem from the Grasscity label is also a set that features two downstems for impressive bubbles! The smaller honeycomb diffuser downstem has a 5 arm honeycomb diffuser at the tip that breaks up your herb smoke in smal bubbles that increase the surface area for silky smooth hits. The larger downstem breaks up your smoke into bigger bubbles, due to the 12 slits at the tip of the downstem.

The Grasscity logo is engraved on the biggest downstem. The Honeycomb Downstem from the Grasscity label is yours for $15 dollar.

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