Honeycomb Precoolers, Honeycomb Recyclers: All In One Spot!

Before you take a look at the honeycomb pre-coolers or recyclers, I first want to tell you some background information to clear up all misunderstandings around these things.
As a matter of fact "Recyclers" or "Pre-coolers" are basically the same as ash catchers, the only difference is the name. But the principle is the same.
The name "recycler" is used because of the smoke that swirls around in the water when it flows through the filter.
The name "pre-cooler" is presumably based on the fact that your smoke cools down a bit, because of the filtering through water in the pre-cooler.

honeycomb precooler

Click image to see this 14.5 mm honeycomb precooler!

honeycomb precooler

Click image to see this 18.8 mm honeycomb precooler!

The honeycomb precoolers that you see on the images above are made by the Blaze Glass label, and are both equiped with a high quality honeycomb percolator.
The honeycomb discs breaks your beloved herb smokes into thousands of small bubbles and also cools down the smoke a bit.

Basically what happens when you use a honeycomb precooler is that your smoke gets filtered, before it arrives in your bong. This means also that toxic particles and ash are filtered out, before it reach your bong. So you have yo clean your bong less often. All filtering together will result in a super smooth toke that is very soft for your lungs and throat, and still packed with flavor! Sounds good is it!?

The Blaze Glass logo is placed on the bottom of the honeycomb precooler in a shiny silver color, to pimp up your precooler.

The honeycomb precoolers above have a 90 degree angle and this is not suitable for all beaker bongs. Also make sure that you order the right size for your bong.
Take a look at the other honeycomb precoolers down here, if you use a beaker bong. These will fit your beaker bong for sure!

honeycomb precooler

Click image to see this 14.5 mm honeycomb recycler!

honeycomb recycler

Click image to see this 18.8 mm honeycomb recycler!

These honeycomb recyclers are also made by the Blaze Glass Label and also got a honeycomb percolator. The difference with the recyclers above is that this two have a 45 degrees angle, that fits beaker bongs perfectly.Besides from that the system will work the same as the honeycomb recyclers above.

The honeycomb disc in this honeycomb recycler makes sure that your smoke is filtered, even before it reach your bong. This means that toxic particles and ash are already filtered out and stay in the recycler. Because of that you have to clean your bong less often! The honeycomb percolator breaks up the smoke into thousands bubbles, for an even more smooth and more soft toke. Also a recycler enlarging the size of your hit, because you've got more bong;-) And cooling the smoke down a little. Also a recycler can be a great replenishment for the appearance of your bong, it really looks cool and sophisticated.

This honeycomb recycler is suitable for straight bongs and also for Beaker Bongs. Choose the right joint size and click the image above.

Did You find what you are looking for? I hope so.

If not take a look at this honeycomb ash catcher. Or click the link below and browse yourself through hundreds of other ash catchers/ pre-coolers/ recyclers!
And makes sure that you take the right size that fits your bong!

Enjoy your smoking, folks!

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