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How To Clean a Bong With Percs?

cleaning a bong

Smoking from a filthy perc bong really deprive you from a good smoking experience! Therefore, make sure that you regularly clean your bong. You see soon enough if your bong needs cleaning, for example if you see black particles in the filters or main chamber of your percolator bong.

Cleaning a bong can best be done in your kitchen, so you have some working space. Be careful when cleaning your bong, do not break the glass, that would be a shame!

How to clean a bong with percs?

The first step is to put some hot water in your bong and let it soak for a moment. Beware and do not put too hot water in your bong, because it may break the glass! After a while discard the dirty bong water.

Then add the detergent ‘Formula 420’ in your bong. Place your thumb on the hole in the stem and place your other hand on the mouthpiece. You can also use plastic cellophane to seal the mouthpiece. You can than hold the piece with your other hand for extra grip. Shake the perc bong with Formula 420 back and forth and make sure the detergent reaches the filters. Continue this till all dirty particles are gone. You can hold the bong horizontal, to reach all parts of your filters. If there still dirty particles, then repeat the process.

Shake it, baby. This should do it!

Honeycombbong.com recommence to use Formula 420 because it’s non-toxic and will clean out your bong in a blink of an eye.


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