How to use an ice bong

I understand that you want to get the best possible smoking experience out of your new ice bong. On this page I describe all things you need to know about how to use an ice bong. Don't worry, it's not hard to understand. When you're done reading you certainly know everything about your new ice bong and how to get the best smoking experience! If you want to know more about ice bongs in general, please read the homepage first. 

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How to fill an ice bong with water

First of all, it is important that you put the right amount of water in your bong. When you fill your bong properly, your smoke get's the best possible filtering. By doing so you get a far more flavorful and smooth inhalation, for the very best smoking experience. And that is exactly what you are looking for, right?

The most easy way to fill the main chamber of your bong with water is through the mouthpiece. If your bong has a removable downstem, you can also fill your bong through the downstem with water. I do prefer to fill my bong through the mouthpiece, like I said before it’s the easiest way.

Your herb smoke travels through the downstem and get's filtered by the water when you take a hit. This way your smoke gets free of toxic particles and becomes cleaner, because it is purified by the water.
Also the smoke will be more condensed and this results in a richer and thicker smoke.
That is why it is important that your downstem is in the water. Check the picture for the right way to do this,

how to use an ice bong
Your downstem should be deep enough in the water to filter the smoke. The more your smoke gets filtered through the water, the more toxic and dirty particles are filtered out. At the same time the water level must be low enough so the bong water stays where it belongs, in the main chamber of your bong. When you fill the main chamber of your bong with to much water, it's possible that dirty bong water comes all the way up through the mouthpiece when you take a toke, or it comes out of the carb hole.

If your ice bong got a percolator filter, you percolator have to contain a little layer of water. The layer of water on the percolator should be about 2 cm (0.8 inch) to 1 - 1.5 cm (0.5 inches) heigh. This assures that the smoke is well filtered by the water as well as the percolator filter. You can fill your percolator filter through the mouthpiece with water.

Tip: Remember which water level works best for you. In that way you can repeat it the next time!

The best way to put ice cubes in an ice bong

Put some ice cubes through the mouthpiece in your bong. The ice catcher in your ice bong keeps the ice cubes from falling in the main chamber of your bong. Because the smoke is cooled down by the ice you get a far smoother and cooler toke, the smoke really feels soft on your throat and lungs. So to sum up, you get the best possible filtering of your smoke through the water and the most smooth hits, as your smoke is cooled down by the ice cubes .

If your bong doesn’t have an ice catcher, it is also possible to put some ice cubes together with the water in the main chamber of your bong. I am not a big fan of this method, because this keeps the water from filtering your herb smoke the best possible way. But it will certainly cool down your smoke a bit.

Your ice cubes don't have to stick out of the mouthpiece, you can't take a good hit that way. Better examples are the pictures down here. How much ice you put in your ice bong comes down to your own preferences. You will certainly find your favorite way soon enough, particularly when you use your ice bong often.

By the way, on the internet is a big discussion going on whether ice in bongs are bad for your health or not. Some people say that it causes lung problems. Point is that nobody is sure about this thing, and nobody can prove it. Read the discussion here. I simply like to cool down my smoke with ice and I never have any problems with it.

how to use an ice bong
how to use an ice bong

Cleaning a glass ice bong

Smoking from an unclean bong keeps you from experiencing an excellent toke. Make sure that you clean your ice bong often, for the best possible smoking experience.
For the best result you need a cleaning product to clean your bong in a safe way.

You have methods that almost cost you nothing, like filling your bong with coke, the drink ... not the ...

There are also some special cleaning products to get the job done. There are wonderful industrial cleaners on the market that work very well. The greatest drawback is that several of them are expensive. Formula 420 is the most popular. It is non-toxic, nonetheless will cost you about $ 10.

You can also utilize rubbing alcohol to clean a bong. This is a reliable method to clean your ice bong. Put a liberal quantity of the alcohol into your bong, so that each spot is immersed. A little shake helps to get rid of even the most challenging clogs. Some epsom salt also helps to clean your ice bong.

Bear in mind to rinse out all the remaining alcohol from your glass bong. You do not wish to inhale any alcohol, as it can be harmful. And also will ruin the taste of your weed.


how to use an ice bong
how to use an ice bong

Steps to clean your bong

# 1 You can best clean your bong in the kitchen, so you have some working space. First you put some warm water in your bong and permit it to soak for a moment. Be careful, don't fill your bong with water that is too hot, it can break your glass bong! After a while discard the unclean bong water.

# 2 Include some detergent in your bong and blend it with water. Put your thumb on the downstem (and carb hole) and your other hand on the mouthpiece. You can also use plastic cellophane to seal the mouthpiece. Then it's easier to hold the bong with your free hand for better grip. Shake your ice bong to ensure the cleaning product reaches every spot.

STEP # 3 Continue this process of shaking your bong with the mix of water and detergent till all dirty bits are gone. You can hold the bong flat, to reach all parts of your percolator, if you're bong has percolators. If there are still unclean parts, then repeat the process. You can refill your bong with clean detergent and water, if the mix gets too dirty to clean your bong.

And after that: ... Shake it again!

# 4 If your bong is clean and tidy, you can fill your bong once again time with warm water. This helps to flush the remaining detergent away. It also make sure your weed keeps it original flavor.

Enjoy smoking!

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