Stop Torturing Your Throat And Treat Yourself On Cold Smooth Tokes

ice bong

Bong Rip Without Ice

How Something Simple Like Ice Doubles Your Smoking Pleasure

You know how it goes, you load your bowl with your favourite strain and get ready for a mega bong rip. You inhale with everything you have but halfway your throat begins to mercilessly tickle and you burst out into a roaring cough that lasts two minutes.

An ice bong provides a simple solution:

Ice cools the smoke down and make it way less harsh on your throat, which means you no longer need to recover from a huge coughing fit with every hit you take. Ice will definitely produce a smoother rip, without coughing.

Can you imagine how relaxed it is to become high without the pain in your throat? Stop torturing your throat, smoking cannabis is to relax, this is best achieved with an ice bong.

Ice Bong vs Normal Bong, What’s The Difference?

Actually it is very simple, in essence regular bongs don’t differ much from ice bongs. In ice bongs there are "bulges" in the tube of the bong and this is not the case with regular bongs. These bulges are called ice catchers and they make sure that the ice cubes don’t fall into the main chamber of your bong.

Ice cubes in regular bongs block the airway, Which means a toke with more drag and less filtration.
A bong with ice catcher also ensures that the smoke is much more chilled and filtered than a regular bong filled with ice.
If there is ice in the tube of your bong, like with an ice catcher bong, the smoke has a lot longer to cool off.

And colder smoke allows you to take smoother hits, and more important: bigger hits. And the bigger the hit,
the more high/stoned you become. Thus, in my eyes, a bong with ice catcher is an absolute must!

ice catcher bong

Bong With Ice Catcher

From Rollitup Forum

Would you rather have a hot and harsh rip or a cold and smooth rip? The purpose of putting ice in the ice catcher of a bong is to cool down the hit making it lesh harsh enabling you to be able to take fatter more pleasant rips.

From Grasscity Forum

I'm not a fan of regular bong rips, mainly because they don't feel nearly as smooth and clean as a nice, icy, refreshing, cold ice bong hit.

Important Stuff To Consider When Selecting Your Ice Bong

Glass Bong vs Acrylic Bong

Ice bongs are available in glass or acrylic. I have summarized the main advantages of both materials for you below:

Glass Ice Bong Benefits:

  • The glassware doesn’t affect the taste of your herb, which means you’re able to taste the weed very well

  • Glass ice bongs give you super smooth hits, that feel nice and soft on your throat.

  • Glass bongs retain the ice cold of the ice cubes for a long time. This allows you and your buddies to take ice cold tokes for a longer amount of time.

  • Glass ice bongs are super easy and quick to clean after all the intensive toke work you've done.

  • Glass bongs can easily be spiced up with all sorts of cool and useful accessories for a better toke experience.


Acrylic Ice Bong Benefits:

  • Acrylic bongs are very cheap, which saves you money for good weed.

  • Acrylic bongs do not break easily and if anything ever happens with it, you can easily fix them yourself.

  • Acrylic bongs are easy to take with you to your favourite outdoor smoking spot, because they weigh almost nothing.

  • Many stoners use acrylic bongs bong as a backup, if something unexpected happens with a glass bong.

  • Easily pimp your acrylic ice bongs yourself with stickers, glitter, beads.

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Combine With Accessories

Select Accessories

Do you really want a one of a kind bong? Combine your beautiful new ice bong with the various accessories that are available. This is an economical way to make your bong completely unique. Some accessories are functional and others are particularly meant to give your bong a look that suits you.

An example of a functional accessory is an ash catcher, which keeps your bong clean for longer. In addition it offers extra filtration. Less functional but super cool are other bowls or downstems with beautiful designs. The possibilities are endless.

Ice Bong Challenge

Are you so stoned that you have trouble keeping your eyes open? Then do the ice bong challenge! You may now wonder what the challenge is. The ice bong challenge is based on the ice bucket challenge but it’s slightly different.

It comes down to this, you sit down in front of your webcam with your ice bong. You light your herb and take a big toke.
Before you exhale you pour the entire contents of your ice bong including ice cubes over your head. Then exhale. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the challenge. I bet you can see things a lot more clearly now. Clear enough to put the result on youtube. Oh and also send me a link!

Ice Is Optional

Smoking with ice is delicious, but I can imagine that sometimes you don’t want to be dealing with ice cubes, or maybe your freezer isn’t working.

No problem, an ice bong is of course also ideal for use without ice. Because after all, it’s a water bong that works fine with just water.

Do you want to give your bong a totally new look? Then I have a few fun tips for you.

Tip # 1
Replace your ice with frozen fruit. Don’t think that now you don’t need to eat fruit anymore because it doesn’t add vitamines to your ganja smoke.

The fruit gives a cooling effect and the colour appearance is a nice sight.

Tip # 2
Are you done with cubes, then you should know that there are various moulds available to create a variety of crazy shapes.

Super simple but it gives you smoke experience that little bit extra.

Tip # 3
Replace your ice cubes with ice packs, this cools your tokes almost as effectively and has the added advantage that it does not melt so the water level of the bong remains optimal.

The Power Of The Percolator

Make Your Cold Silky Tokes Even Smoother

Adding ice to your bong is nice and soft for your throat, but I'm assuming that you want to go for the best smoking experience. In that case, I recommend you choose an ice bong with percolator.

With the addition of ice you already took an important step in the right direction but with a percolator bong it gets really fun. A percolator may just mean the difference between a big hit and a MASSIVE hit. And a massive hit equals a even more stoned you.

What is a percolator?

A percolator is an additional water chamber in the main shaft of the bong tube.
Several companies use different designs, but all percolators provide more interaction between the smoke and the water for a better filtered and an even cooler hit!

The more small holes there are in the percolator, the better it is overall. This will cause more bubbles and filtration. The more filtration, the smoother the hit will be. Imagine how smooth the ice cold tokes will feel to your throat. With a percolator ice bong you really toke big creamy hits! Small downside, more filtration results in less taste.

bong with percolator and ice catcher

Tree Arm Percolator

Insider Tip:

Put warm water in the bowl, and ice cubes in the tube of your ice bong. By far the smoothest hits I ever have taken!

The Best Place To Buy Your Ice Bong

ice percolator bong

Only High Quality Glass At Grasscity

Choose A Reliable Headshop

Are you completely ready to start your search for an ice bong for sale? Great, you're probably all exited and eager to take a toke from your new ice bong.

Now I will not spoil the fun for you but there are some factors to consider when buying a new ice bong online. There are lots of online head shops nowadays and not all of them are reliable.

If I buy a new bong I want the entire bong to be delivered on my doormat as soon as possible. Often I am very eager as my new bong is arriving and I want to try it out immediately. Once, the glass of my new bong was broken during transport and that is such a disappointment when you open the box. I wish no such setback on a fellow stoner and that's why below I listed two online head shops where until now I've had the best experiences.


My Opinion About Ice Bongs For Sale At Grasscity:

I have to say honestly, this is actually my favourite. They have a wide range and many high quality glass ice bongs for sale. In addition, you can always visit their forum if you have a question about your bong. The downside is that shipping to the USA sometimes takes a little longer. So far all my bongs from Grasscity have arrived at my home in one piece, so that’s great if you ask me. I've also heard good reviews about their customer service, if your bong should not survive the trip. You can assume that a replacement bong will be sent without any hassle. So two thumbs up for grasscity.


Neil A. – Verified Grasscity Customer

All of my local shops had only basic ice bongs, for double the price. Then I found Grasscity, had a question about how to use it and customer service immediately responded. Very good experience with this company.

Kim S. – Verified Grasscity Customer

Easy website to get around on... shipped fast.... awesome prices. Will order from here again!

Kristian W. – Verified Grasscity Customer

Fantastic service and a great product! Arrived quicker than I thought it would and was packaged extremely carefully. Will definitely be visiting the site again!


My Opinion About Ice Bongs For Sale At Billowby:

For me it's a very good second choice. The range of Billowby is smaller than that of Grasscity but they have some more special glass ice bongs. I think they have a good taste in appearance of the bongs, and they have a whole section dedicated to cheap bongs, where you can find a lot of affordable ice bongs.

It’s a young company and they do their utmost best to fight against "established order". Their customer service is therefore very good. Their site is also very modern and easy to use. Furthermore, they always post very nice pictures on tumblr and other social media. I have ordered a new bong with them a number of times and that went well. I can definitely recommend it.

grasscity ice bong shipping box

Discreet Shipping Guaranteed!

Steven F. – Verified Billowby Customer

VERY high quality- AMERICAN glass work. Not only was the shipping discrete, it was also here in two days!

Isaac M. – Verified Billowby Customer

Awesome place!!!! Billowby is the place to shop at. Their customer support team is amazing and fast to respond to your questions. I will shop here again. Happy 4/20

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