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When Choose For Acrylic Ice Catcher Bongs?

Acrylic ice catcher bongs are excellent bongs for "beginners" or for people who don't want to spend that much money on a high quality glass bong. Acrylic ice bongs are also great if you want a bong that lasts for a long time and won't break. You can easily share acrylic ice catcher bongs with friends, without any risk of breaking it. Acrylic bongs are often very easy to take with you on a trip, due the fact that they are hard to destroy;-)

This acrylic bong with ice catcher is made from very strong material and you can easily enjoy this water pipe for years to came. The water pipe has an really good price and is a great investment! The crimps in the tube of the bong serve as an ice catcher.

This acrylic ice bong serves it's function like it should. It's get "the job" done and it will certainty makes your very stoned. The hits are pretty nice, especially when you put some ice notches in the bong. You then get an even smoother and cooler smoke, for a hit that feels more soft on your throat.

Acrylic ice bongs are always a little harder to clean compered to glass bongs. The bowl and downtube of this model are made from metal and are thereby more easy to clean. Also the base of the bong is made of metal, which give this acrylic ice bong a beautiful appearance.

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