Amazing Ice Percolator Bong, Unbeatable Price

This bong is specially designed to give you the best smoking experience possible.With a double 10 arm percolator and a excellent honeycomb percolator, this bong wil give you all the benefits of a triple percolator bong. That means with every toke the best filtration of your smoke, for the most clean and smooth hits possible.

The ice percolator bong is 60 cm / 23.6 inches in height and thereby it is possible to take large tokes, that fill both of your lungs with ganja smoke. Which means an excellent high and tokes that feels like they last forever. And despite the three strong percolators, this bong will give you no drag, you can enjoy easy tokes all the time every time. You can also put some ice cubes in the bong If you prefer extra chill tokes.

The beautiful glass beads at the end of the tube are a real eye catcher. You definitely have something nice to look at after recovering from the big hits. This smoking device can end up being your favorite glass piece!

Enjoy toking!


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Amazing Ice Percolator Bong, Unbeatable Price

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