About Me

Hi, thank you for checking out this page.
My Name Is Olivier and I'm from the Netherlands.

I started this website for a couple of different reasons and I would love to tell you more about this.
The first reason is because I am a hardcore stoners and honeycomb bong enthusiast, and I like to share my  experience.
The second reason is that I love to travel, the third reason is that I don't like to work a boring 9 to 5 day job. Ok let me now try to explain how these 3 random things fit together and how honeycombbong.com came into existence.

How this site came into existence

I  wanted to find a way to support our myself while at the same time helping fellow stoners.
Another extremely important goal for me was that we wanted to find something I could do anytime anyplace.
So I started searching for a solution that fitted these criteria.

After some soul searching it was obvious. Because I REALLY enjoy smoking weed and the cannabis culture, I decided to become bong expert and learn everything there is to know about the various types of percolator bongs. Many hard 😉 but very enjoyable study sessions later I picked my favorite perc bong and launched honeycombbong.com.

The main objective of this website is to share my knowledge and experiences and provide as much value as possible.
By doing so I am confident you find the honeycomb percolator that fits your needs.

What I am doing now

At this very moment I am traveling trough Europe with a small camper. Of course I keep this site updated with the latest an greatest honeycomb bongs. I want to thank you for visiting my website and I hope I give some value. Just so you know, if you buy products by clicking the links I receive a small commission without paying a dime more yourself.
If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask. Please sent me email to honeycombbong@gmail.com or leave a comment.



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