Mini Beaker Bubble Ice Bong

Mini Beaker Bubble Ice Bong

This particular curved small beaker bubble base ice bong looks incredible with is transparent glass appearance and features a 3-arm percolator, a slitted downstem, an ash catcher, a dual chamber layout as well as ice notches that collaborate to chill, cleanse and purify your smoke for an even more pleasurable toke. The bong is created for use with dry herbs or cannabis and is created from sturdy, 3.5 millimeter strong, first class borosilicate glass and features a transparent, extra dense, rimmed mouth piece which feels comfy to use. The bong measures 23.5 centimeters/ 9.3 ins. in highness and has certainly a large volume beaker bubble base which offers lots of space for filtering and chilling. The bong comes with a 14.5 millimeter female joint which secures the downstem as well as the ash catchers 14.5 millimeter male joint fits wonderfully in to the downstems female joint.

In order to make use of this small bong, just stuff the ash catchers incorporated bowl with your cannabis or smoking blend, heat it up and observe the smoke whirl in the ash catchers chamber prior to going through the immersed downstems holes right into the beaker base in which the water filters the smoke and cools. The smoke bust and bubbles on the water surface and is pulled up into the next enclosure. The cannabis smoke is then brought up and through the 3-arm tree percolator that additionally filters the smoke and diffuses just before it carries on up the bongs vertical neck, go by the ice which offer additional cooling and through the rimmed mouth piece. This particular method produces a much cooler, more satisfying toke which is stuffed with flavour and a lot easier on the lungs and throat. The tree percolator also functions as a splash guard, stopping excess water from moving up the bong and impacting your hit.

This kind of potent small beaker bong strives to provide great, filtered tokes and is very easy to maintain and clean turning it into a fantastic option for smokers searching for a top functioning bong at an irresistible price. This incredible tree percolator ice bong is out there to purchase right now, while supplies last at your number 1 smoke store

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Mini Beaker Bubble Ice Bong

Sweet hitter Great bong, perfect size cooool hits.

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