Take A Chug Of This Mini Ice Bong In A Jiffy

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mini ice bong

If you are looking for the handiness of a small glass bong and you want smooth and big tokes at the same time, then this mini ice bong is probably something for you. The small size of this bong is pretty nice if you want to take your glass ice bong with you or if you want it to fit in small spaces.

Off course you want cool and smooth mouthfuls of smoke that ice cubes give you! All you need for that is a little space in the tube of your bong to put some ice cubes in it, right? You don't find an ice bong that is smaller than this piece.

Imagine yourself all the benefits that a small ice bong give you.. Sitting in a relaxed position and take easily a toke with such a mini ice bong! Or a comfortable wake and bake out of your bed.. Yes, just like that in a jiffy! And above all mini ice bongs are easy to lift and you can put them away in a flash.
You don't have to give up smooth and cool tokes if you are looking for a small bong!

This small ice bong is only 9 inch (22.8 cm) and is available in different colors. You can choose if you like a green color, pink, amber or a clear variant. This mini ice bong has a really good price and cost you less than 70 dollars. Click the button below and enjoy smoking!

small ice bong
mini ice bong

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