Oklahomans weigh in on making medical marijuana legal

Oklahomans for Health is holding a public online forum onDec 7 at 6 p.m. at Central Center at Centennial Park inTulsa (KTUL)

TULSA,Okla (KTUL)– A long standing argument will go to a vote next year. Will Oklahomans legislate medical marijuana?

GovernorMary Fallin tweeted the other day that StateQuestion 788, making medical marijuana legal in Oklahoma, will be placed on the June or November tally.

“Definitely needs to be on the ballot,”Tulsan Brandon Yeatman stated.

“I would vote no,”Tulsan Gary Sample stated.

Two views, however election day will be the last vote.

“It just makes it easier to live with,”Yeatman stated.

Activists with Oklahomans for Health point out numerous research studies that show medical marijuana can assist reduce specific illness

Yeatman concurs.

“I have a family friend of mine that has had cerebral palsy his entire life and it has helped him before, helps him through a lot of the pain he goes through,” he stated.

ButSample states he requires more proof.

“I have heard it can help people, but again this is not something that I am aware of,” he stated. “I haven’t seen it, I don’t know anyone that has used it for medical purposes.”

Sample states he’s worried about the issues it might giveOklahoma

“If a person is already dependent on something and then they have an excuse to be on it medically, I think it would cause more problems down the road,” he stated.

Board member with Oklahomans for Health Aaron Baker and other activists are taking it upon themselves to notify the general public about medical marijuana.

“We are more than happy to engage, we know that there are still a few questions to go, there is a lot of support, there’s a lot of questions, let’s get them answered,”Baker stated.

He states on top of health advantages, states that have actually currently legislated medical marijuana are seeing favorable feedback.

“Getting a boost in funding, jobs are being created and patients are getting the help they need,”Baker stated.

Oklahomans for Health is holding a public online forum onDec 7 at 6 p.m. at CentralCenter at Centennial Park inTulsa

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Oklahomans weigh in on making medical cannabis legal