Pink Bong With Ice Catcher

If you want to take big tokes and getting really high: ice it!

I remember what a difficult job it was to find the right pink bong for myself.. You want to have a bong that meets all you wishes, whatever they may be! Below I have set out the key points for you about this pink bong with ice catcher. In this way I hope to help you discover if this bong suits you yes or no.

So read on and find out about the major advantages and disadvantages of this bong.
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The biggest advantage of this pink bong with ice catcher:

When I was looking for the perfect pink bong for myself, this was the largest pink bong with ice catcher I come across. And it was the only glass bong of this length that had no percolator.

Huh, you might think, a bong without a percolator a big advantage? Don’t percolators mean extra smooth hits?

Yes that may be so, but because of the length of this water bong with ice catcher, I can assure you that the smoke is cooled enough and is filtered. In addition, the percolators have the disadvantage that they become immersed, when the ice cubes melt in the tube.

So are you really a die hard fan of hits with ice cubes, then this is the most convenient bong that you can purchase.

If the ice cubes melt in this pink bong with ice catcher, you won’t have to keep pouring the water from the bong, otherwise the percolator would not do its job. You can stay relaxed and just chill and enjoy your smoke.

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pink bong with ice catcher

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