Discover Your Favorite Pink Bong – With This Pink Bong Manuel.

tumblr_nmziaz8qX81rgeqm5o1_1280You probably ended up at this website because you’re looking for a pink, female bong! Hopefully you will feel completely at home here because I have selected the best pink bongs for you!

Now you may be wondering why I did this.

Well, when I was looking for a pink bong it took a lot of searching to find a suitable pink bong.
That's why I thought I select some pink bongs that I came across during my search and immediately list the pros and cons, to make your search a little easier. It's always a difficult choice which bong you should go with and in which online head shop you should buy your new pink bong.

I have selected the appropriate bong for every stoner type, so you won’t purchase the wrong one and are just as happy with the purchase of your new bong as I am! 

I started my own search for a bong with a personal touch. Pink is my favourite colour and it seemed amazing to take tokes from a bong with pink glass! And from experience I can say that it feels great to take a toke from a pink bong! It’s a party every time I get out my pink bong! 


Show me a collection Pink Bongs



Start The Search And Discover Your Favorite Pink Bong

During my search for the pink bong I found out that there are so many pink bongs, definitely enough to choose from! To choose the bong that suited me best, I made a list of expectations my bong had to meet. So read a little further and find out which pink bong is most suitable for you!

If you like the bong you see, click the image!



Best Smoke Experience or Smoking Everywhere You Want?

When I was looking for my own pink bong, I learned that there are pink glass bongs and acrylic bongs made from a type of plastic. In my opinion glass bongs smoke better and it also make them much easier to clean. On the other hand, pink acrylic bongs are easier to take with you when you want to smoke outdoors, because they are so sturdy.

Tip: An acrylic bong is highly recommended if you like to toke outside,
otherwise I would go for a pink glass bong.

Pink Bong Search

Click on the images and discover if these bongs fits your expectations... 

Review of this pink acrylic bong:
This is a perfect bong for someone just starting out on a bong. It's a very handy little bong. Stores and hides really well. Hits even better than it hides. 

Review of the pink Blaze Glass bong:
I absolutely love this bong it's perfect and saves my lungs with a smooth and flavorful smoke. Really heavy glass. And a beautiful soft pink glow. Love it!

pink-divider-hiQuality Of Your Bong

Do You Wanna Play It Safe? Choose a Brand.

In the beginning I found the online search for a bong difficult, because you can not hold a bong in your hands online and you can’t feel how thick/firm the glass is. I think that is important because your bong definitely lasts longer if it’s made of thicker glass. It’s a little less breakable. With bongs from a brand you can assume a certain quality standard but for a brand name you do pay a certain price.

Below I have selected two bongs from two major brands. RooR and Blaze glass are both good brands with a high quality standard. With bongs of these brands you can’t go wrong in my opinion. I myself often toke from my pink blaze glass bong and I’ve had this now for more than a year. And it will last me many more years.

Click on the image and read which quality advantages these bongs have.

Or go for a cheaper bong and continue reading.

Click the image and see a bong of the brandpink roor bong

Click the image and see a bong of the brandpink blaze glass bong


Big Smooth Tokes or Spicy Hits?

Are You Going For a Large Pink Bong or a Small Pink Bong?

I found out that you have a choice between a large or a small pink glass bong. Larger bongs give you smoother tokes, because there is more room in the bong to cool the smoke. Smaller bongs give you a harder hit with a more spicy flavour.

Most pink bongs I could find are somewhere between 30 and 50 cm. These are officially medium sizes, but for me good enough to easily fill my lungs with smoke 😉

These is the largest pink bong and the smallest pink glass bong I could find online. Click on the image for more info or continu reading!

Mini bongs vs bigger bongs: 
A larger bong requires you to burn more of the herb per hit. With a small bong you can take just as big of a hit as the large bong, just keep inhaling after the chamber has filled. 


Do you want extra filtered extreme smooth tokes?

Well, glad you're still here! That means you haven’t made your choice for the pink bong yet. During my search for the perfect pink bong I came across
a lot of pink glass bongs which had both an ice catcher and a percolator...

Pink Percolator Bong = Smooth Best Filtered Tokes

At the moment, percolators and ice catchers are apparently mega popular! You almost can’t ignore them, and that of course has a reason...

Percolators filter your smoke even more. Percolators give you cleaner tokes, providing extra smooth and easy tokes.

Most pink bongs in my collection also have a percolator and I have noticed that the tokes are more smooth, they’re less sharp but on the other hand also less 'spicy'. I think it's a matter of taste which one you prefer.

When buying a percolator bong I think it's important that the bong is of a reasonable quality. I once experienced the percolator breaking whilst I was cleaning my bong, but that was a cheaper piece.

With three or more percolators cleaning is a bit trickier, but with one or two percolators all nooks and crannies are easily reachable.

This bong has a double percolator so don’t be afraid of troublesome cleaning sessions, and it hits like a dream!


Pink Ice Bong = Ice Cold Chilly Tokes

If you like ice cold tokes then a pink bong with ice catcher really is a must!

If you don’t like them, then there is nothing to worry about... I don’t use my ice catcher very often, and it’s not in the way when not in use.

I’ve not come across a pink bong without an ice catcher in any of the head shops, and all the pink bongs on this page also have an ice catcher, with the exception of the pink acrylic bong.

P.S. Let me know if you've found a pink bong without ice catcher, I would love to add them on this page.

The pink glass bong, this (link) also happens to have a percolator and ice catcher.

The reason of using ice in the ice catcher of a bong is to cool down the hit and making it lesh harsh, which allows you to take bigger, more pleasant rips. And the bigger the rip, the more stoned you get.


Please, Just A Beauty

pink water pipe

Only care about the appearance, choose this one?

Choices, choices, choices, choices. I know, I also found it very difficult to choose from all the different pink bongs.

I can imagine that you can not see the woods for the trees and you really just want a nice pink bong with a beautiful appearance.
So if you just want to go for a glass bong that tokes nicely and looks great,

Are you going to go for a wonderful, unique and colourful appearance:

Review of this fancy pink bong:
AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love this bong, it's artsy & functional. The piece is absolutely gorgeous and works as nicely as it looks.



Your Almost There!

So, End Of The General Info

So, these are my 7 favourite pink bongs. If you click on the images you can get some more information about the bong. I really very much hope that I made you search for the right bong easier. If you want to browse through a large collection of pink bongs for sale yourself, click here.

Lots of love,



I’m very curious what your opinion is and which pink bong is your favourite, so please feel free to leave a comment!

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