Pink Glass Bong

This bong could end up being your favorite stoner buddy.

I have selected this pink bong as one of my favourites, I’ve used this pink glass bong for a few years now and it's still one of my favourite glass bongs. If you want to go for a high quality pink glass bong, you cannot go wrong with this one.

This glass bong really gives the tastiest and most smooth hits out of all bongs I have in my collection!  In my opinion everything is just right about this pink glass bong, the height, the percolator and the ice catcher, I can always take big hits with this bong.

I also often use this pink glass bong when I’m chilling at home with friends, the bowl is fine to use for a couple of hits and I must say that I still find is the best looking of all. The pink glass just has a brilliant colour and I still feel proud when I grab the bong during one of our stoner evenings.

It's not a very cheap glass bong but the price performance ratio is great if you ask me. This pink glass bong has a really reasonable price if you look at other bongs in that class. It is really a long term investment, but I have enjoyed this bong for some time now and I’ve had many great smoking sessions with it. The hits hit right away.

With a percolator and an ice catcher I find the cleaning a bit trickier, especially in the small corner of the percolator. But hey, you can’t have the rainbow without the rain 😉

Besides, I'm not the only one who loves this pink glass pipe like crazy. On the Internet I found some great reviews on this pink glass bong:

Jenny W: 
I absolutely love it it's perfect and saves my lungs so smooth and flavorful smoke it's just perfect and it's pink to boot that ks grass city it arrived within 9 days from start to finish.... did I mention I love it 🙂

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