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Keep calm and take a bong in bath..

Apparently you are interested in a pink mini bong! I have listed some pros and cons for you, so that you can decide for yourself if a pink mini bong bong suits you. In this way, I hope you won’t encounter any nasty surprises, when the bong is delivered to you. If you already know that you want this pink mini bong, click here. And if not, then read a little further. ☺ Good luck with making the right choice!

Your hits are loaded with flavor!

My first bong was a mini bong bong and I am still very happy with it. A mini bong gives slightly harder hits, which ‘burn’ a bit more in the throat compared to larger bongs. But at the same time I think that more of the ganja flavor remains.

It’s just a matter of what your preferences are and I of course cant decide for you!

I have chosen this pink mini bong because it has an ice catcher. So if you don’t like hard hits, you can always choose to put a few ice cubes into the mini bong. This makes the tokes a little softer.

Get a handy sized pink mini bong.

Another advantage of a pink mini bong is that its easy to use. I sometimes take mine with me in the bath, when I relax after a hard day’s work. It fits easily on the edge, I always have a secure feeling when I put it down there.

Another benefit in my opinion is that you can put a pink mini bong away easily if specific visitors don’t know that you smoke. 😉

A pink mini bong is inconvenient for large groups.

In my opinion, the disadvantage of mini bongs is that you constantly have to reload your bong with new ganja. I like to take big hits and this means the weed often gets burned all at once. In the bath this isn’t such a problem, because then I’m already a little spaced out by the time the water is cold.

A pink mini bong is a great choice if you often smoke alone or in pairs, but if you are often with a group, I would still recommend a larger pink bong and bowl, otherwise you are constantly busy recharging your bong.

Convenient to clean

Pink mini bongs are super easy to clean, I can always easily reach all parts of the glass. A mini glass bong does seem dirty sooner because the ash accumulates on a smaller surface.

So, this in my experience are the most important points listed. You can click on the button above to learn more about this pink mini bong, or browse a little further through the other pink bongs on this site.


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Pink Mini Bong

A pink mini bong is a great choice if you often smoke alone or in pairs.

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