Pink Oil Rig RooR

Very Best Tokes Form The RooR Pink Oil Rig

You probably ended up here because you’re looking for a top notch quality bong. On this page you’re at the right place. Below I described some advantages and disadvantages that are useful to know before you buy a RooR bong. So you won’t encounter unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

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Note 1: At the online head shop where I found this pink oil rig, they also sell other pink RooR bongs, but unfortunately they were out of stock when I went to look. But who knows they might be in stock now, the stock is updated regularly so always worth watching.

Note 2: This is a glass oil rig, officially not a bong, the difference is that this pink oil rig is especially suitable for dabbing (710), smoking wax, oils and concentrates.


What does a Pink RooR Oil Rig offer?

A pink oil rig by the brand RooR stands for a premium smoking experience. Super smooth, silky tokes with each inhalation. The top quality 10 arm percolator ensures that the smoke is filtered excellently for extreme percolation and clean soft tokes. And no drag, guaranteed.

After some research on the internet I discovered that the RooR bongs and these pink oil rigs are always made from high quality glass work. For example, because of the weight of the oil rig, you notice that it is high quality glassware. And sturdy glassware to me means that it’s not very breakable, which makes the pink oil rig from RooR a long term investment.

Disadvantage of a Pink RooR Bong:

To cut straight to the chase: RooR bongs are generally not cheap. For a top quality pink oil rig from a world famous brand such as RooR you soon pay more than 300 dollars.

Is it worth it?

I can not decide that for you. Everyone has a different budget for his/her new bong.

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Pink Oil Rig RooR

This pink oil Rig will give you a premium smoking experience. Super smooth, silky tokes with each inhalation. And no drag, guaranteed. See for yourself!

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