Pink Percolator Bong

The pink percolator bong for unbelievably smooth hits.

Cool, you probably visited this page because you’re looking for a pink percolator bong.

As you may know there are very many glass percolator bongs on the market, but bongs with honeycomb percolators remain my favourite. In this piece of text you can read exactly why this is my opinion and maybe you can compare it with your own wishes to see if it matches.

How does a honeycomb percolator work?

Honeycomb percolators are currently very popular, though this is the only honeycomb bong that I could find in pink… Simply explained, honeycomb percolators work with a glass disc filter with a honeycomb structure. If you take a hit, the smoke is filtered through the holes in the honeycomb structure. The honeycomb percolator filters a lot of ash particles, which gives you much cleaner tokes. This ensures that you can take big, smooth tokes which make you insane high!

Smoke impression:

I always find it very difficult to explain exactly how it feels when you smoke a percolator bong. This pink percolator bong gives you super soft hits, which feel nice to your throat. I think the taste is well preserved, despite the good filtering of the honeycomb percolator. And a big advantage of this bong in my opinion is that it gives you almost no drag, so you can easily take super hits!

Price quality ratio?

Another big advantage of this pink percolator bong in my opinion is the price. As far as I have encountered during my own search for a pink bong, you pay much more for most percolator bongs than for this pink percolator bong. If I would have to rate it, an excellent price/quality ratio.

Suitable for you?

I have also chosen this bong because I think it’s just phenomenally beautiful, super feminine and the twist gives the bong a very unique appearance. I’m always really happy when I get it out, and if I think about the soft hits that the bong gives alone, I certainly look forward to smoking.

This pink percolator bong could be used very well on a night smoking with friends, but I also like to use this bong when I smoke alone, or with my boyfriend.

After reading this review, I was sold immediately:

I knew that this would probably be a good bong since it was made with a honeycomb percolator. What I didn’t realize was HOW good it would be. My boyfriend and I named it the hammer–while she may be small, she can hit you hard (you just won’t feel it because it’s so smooth). We add tiny ice cubes and it’s almost soothing on your throat.

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Pink Percolator Bong

The pink percolator bong for unbelievably smooth hits.

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