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Pink Water Bong

You can take this bong anywhere you want!

This pink water bong is made from acrylic, a type of plastic (for lack of a better description of the material). Acrylic is almost indestructible. And I have read on the internet that you can even smoke with a small tear in the material, or restore it.

Precisely the reason why I always take my acrylic bong when I go stoning outside. It’s easy to take with me in my bag, and then fill it with a little water. It still always gives a nice vibe to smoke outside with my pink water bong. I’ll do it in quiet places because I feel people are looking at me as they walk by. What I do like about this pink water bong is that it’s not too large, it fits easily into my bag.

 Tip: If you’re smoking outside, don’t fill the bong until you reach your smoking spot! You dont want water in your bag right? I always bring a bottle of water.

This pink water bong is really appropriate for the outside stoner.

“It’s great it’s become my main smoking device, when at home. Portable, discreet, compact, and works great. I recommend if you want to try it for your first bong. It’s also easy to clean and with a few detachable parts. You can even put in a new bowl if you wanted. The purchase also came with a pack of brass filters, which is a must have when using this bong.”

Most stoners would rather smoke from glass bongs and acrylic bongs are a bit underrated in my opinion. Yet acrylic water bongs give me some advantages that glass bongs can never give you.

Acrylic pink water bongs ‘get the job done‘ well, and are also often cheaper. The hits on the other hand are not super smooth, but don’t worry, they hit well enough to become nicely stoned. Eventually the weed makes you high and not the bong.

I find that glass water bongs give the nicest tokes, smoother and easier to clean. If you want to go for the best toke sensation you’d be best off choosing the glass water bong in my opinion. Moreover, there are also glass bongs that aren’t very expensive, like this pink water pipe and then you do have tastier hits. Click the button on the right to read more user reviews.


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Pink Water Bong

This is THE BEST bong This is THE BEST bong I've ever purchased. Very effective - needs very little product to get results. And best of all, I've knocked it over a few times and it doesn't break! All my friends want one now.

Best value
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