Pink Water Pipe

The absolute number 1 when it comes to appearance

This pink water pipe is totally something for you if you want to absolutely go for a gorgeous and unique appearance! During my quest, I haven’t encountered another pink water pipe which has a more unique shape and colour than this pink water pipe. And that of course is not surprising, since the glass is hand blown.

If you already have a warm feeling about this bong, click on the link and find out where you can buy this bong for the best price.

Click here and discover where you can buy this bong for the best price.

If you still have doubts, I have listed a number of advantages and disadvantages of this glass water pipe below. So you can judge for yourself whether this is your new pink water pipe or not.

My opinion about this pink water pipe

At first I was a bit sceptical about this bong. For I had never expected that a bong with such a gorgeous appearance would also give good hits.

Nevertheless, I ordered this bong because it had a great price. I had already seen it before it went on sale and it wasn’t expensive at full price either. But when I looked a second time, I saw that there was a sale, making this bong cost nearly 20 dollars less than the normal price!

I was immediately sold and ordered this pink water pipe. I was quite excited when this bong was delivered to me, it looked exactly like the picture! Yay ☺ I, as you might understand, tried this bong straight away and the bong hits are very smooth I can tell you! I didn’t expect it, but the bong wasn’t that bad at all! I am super happy with my purchase.

Other reviews

Because I understand that you don’t just want to rely on my judgment if you are looking for a new pink water pipe, I have done some more research on the Internet for you. And at the online head shop where I came across this bong I saw some reviews, about the same water pipe with a different color (blue variant).

“Jewel G:
I love my bong. Very smooth hits.

Siete W.
AMAZING!!!!!!!! The piece is absolutely gorgeous. Works as nicely as it looks. My bowl actually was broken during the shipment process and after I emailed them Billowby sent a replacement the next day so customer service is great. Will definitely be buying with them again soon :)”

My bowl was still in one piece when it was delivered, but the bowl is made of slightly thinner glass, which you can also see in the picture as you know.

Want to know more about this bong? Click on the button down here and discover more about this pink water pipe.

I hope you have enough information to make a good choice regarding whether of not this bong is for you. If you now know more, just ask me!

Love Maureen

Ps: I found that the bong looks a bit like a pink zong water pipe? What do you think?


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Pink Water Pipe

Want to know more about this bong? Click on the button down here and discover more about this pink water pipe.

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