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Pokemon Bong For Sale

Looking for a pokemon bong? Look no further! We have a great looking pokemon bong for sale. Produced by our friends over at empire glassworks. For the honeycomb bongs fans there is also great news. They also have a pokemon honeycomb bong! How awesome is that?! Don’t want do buy a complete pokemon bong? How about just buying a pokemon bowl or pipe?

In short there is a lot of smoking gear with a pokemon theme!

This Pokemon bong is created by Empire Glassworks. Hand blown by their excellent glassblowing group, it’s no surprise this Pokemon bong looks so amazing. When taking a look at the piece, you will instantly see the worked glass art sitting atop the primary chamber: the honey-covered Poke Ball. Advancing its appealing artistic, this themed bong even has brownish-yellow accentuations to match the honey on the Poke Ball.

The smoke takes a trip through a channel under the female joint when you take a toke from this awesome pokemon bong. The smoke is filtered through a diffused inline perc. After the smoke is cooled down and filtered, it goes through the bent neck prior to leaving the flared mouth piece. The 14mm female joint is assisted by a Dewar’s joint, consisting of 2 ornamental maria rings. Consisted of with the dab rig is a clear glass banger nail and a carbohydrate cap embellished with a worked glass Poke Ball. The air flow hole of the carbohydrate cap goes through the center of the Poke Ball.


This Pokemon bong for sale is a high quality, American-made piece that will have you recollecting about the traditional computer game.



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Pokemon Bong for Sale By Empire Glass Works

This pokemon bong by empire glass work look amazing and hits like a dream! Get one now at Dankstop!

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