Solomon Israel: Canada’s very first full-time pot press reporter



In a very first for Canada, the Winnipeg Free Press worked with a full-time marijuana press reporter, who will cover all elements of the blossoming market, from its organisation potential customers, medical usage and upcoming legalization in2018 Solomon Israel, a 32- year-old Jewish reporter who cut his teeth at the CBC, signed up with the Free Press in August, to report on marijuana problems impacting Manitoba and the rest of the nation.

He’s currently covered Canada’s strategy to cops cannabis-impaired motorists, examined how pot dealerships and political leaders relate to the brand-new legalization policies and checked out how Manitoba might design its strategy after Ontario’s. Israel, who matured in Newton, Mass., and finished his masters of journalism at Carleton University in 2011, likewise interned at the Jerusalem Post, prior to working as a TELEVISION news manufacturer on The Lang and O’LearyExchange. He later on ended up being an online press reporter for

He talked to The CJN about exactly what to anticipate from his approaching work, the appeal of reporting on the marijuana market and exactly what lots of Canadians might unknown about cannabis legalization.

What got you thinking about discussing cannabis?

Last year, I was working for, for its organisation news area, and I discussed the huge medical marijuana market establishing inCanada I felt overwhelmed with a great deal of work, however, and went on a journey in the summer season of 2016, going to numerous U.S. states, and believed I would do some reporting along the method, such as U.S. project protection. But when I wound up in Colorado, I wished to have a look at their legal marijuana scene and I composed a couple of posts on exactly what Canada can gain from Colorado’s example.


What locations of protection will you be reporting on as a marijuana press reporter for the Free Press?

We simply released a different marijuana news website that connects to the Free Press and can be discovered at www.The LeafNews com. I’ll cover all elements of marijuana, such as business and legal angles, in addition to taking a look at its influence on culture and social justice. We see our audience as individuals who have no idea about this subject too well and desire a source that’s as unbiased as possible, instead of a marijuana news website targeted towards individuals in the market, or the culture.

Is there any angle you’ll take on that will be of specific interest to Manitoba readers?

I’m not simply covering marijuana from a Manitoba point of view, however from a nationwide point of view. And while Manitoba may not be a natural location to cover this market, considering that a great deal of the action occurs in Ontario and B.C., that’s not to state a great deal of things aren’t occurring here. Plus, there are lots of fascinating individuals to fulfill.
Also, our premier has actually not been deceptive of that he is annoyed about marijuana legalization and has actually revealed how he would like it postponed.

Following a beat is everything about sources and networking. How are you developing sources within the marijuana market, consisting of the policing and political neighborhoods?

I’m doing it the exact same method just like other beat. What’s constantly been essential for me is satisfying individuals prior to I speak to them as sources for a story, like having a casual sit-down chat. When I composed for CBC News, I constantly included my e-mail at the bottom of each post and I typically got e-mails from those within the marijuana market when I took on that topic.

What is it about the Canadian marijuana market that is appealing to you?

I discover it remarkable to enjoy a market get constructed from the ground up, which is not completely real in this case, however it’s difficult to report on since cannabis is prohibited and individuals do not wish to discuss it. We’ll be the 2nd nation in world to totally legislate this drug and it’s quite uncommon to obtain a possibility to report on that phenomenon.

In2008, you invested 4 month as an intern at the JerusalemPost What did you gain from that experience?

I got a fantastic refresher course on reporting. They didn’t coddle me there as an intern and we needed to cover the exact same things as routine press reporters. We entered into the thick of reporting right now. On my 2nd day, I had story on the front page and I got hooked on that adrenaline of tight due dates and ways to produce something instantly.

What is your most significant difficulty in reporting on marijuana as a beat?

For me, it’s the science of marijuana. I do not have a background in medication or chemistry and there are a great deal of claims tossed around by supporters for and versus marijuana that depend on science. I’ll be getting professionals to assist translate a few of those claims, to identify if the science is reputable.

What’s something Canadians might unknown about the brand-new marijuana legislation coming this summer season that you believe they should understand about?

There’s an understanding that making weed legal is going to make it a free-for-all. It’s not decriminalization, where cops will stop implementing laws versus the drug. Legalization implies taking specific laws and changing them with a brand-new set of laws. Marijuana is going to be strictly controlled and managed and the brand-new laws will certainly have some marijuana activists up in arms. Some are calling it “criminalization 2.0.”


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Solomon Israel: Canada's first full-time pot reporter

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