The History Of Glass Bongs Is Quite Interesting

Over the countless years that human beings have actually been utilizing marijuana, it has actually been viewed as holy incense, food, medication, and a lot more. Our methods of consuming it are so diverse now. But there is a way of consuming cannabis that remains very popular. 

Ask any marijuana lover about their best toking memories, and you will hear a lot of times  a story of a truly lovely piece of glass. Marijuana culture and glassblowing are reasonably new buddies, however glass has an abundant history of its own.

Glass Bongs – A brief history

glass fish The History Of Glasswork (Bongs & Pipes) Is Quite Fascinating

The roots of earliest glass are discovered in the most primal of sources, volcanoes. In ancient times, male made sharp arrowheads and instruments from obsidian, an all-natural glass developed by volcanic outbursts.

Glass working originated from Mesopotamia around 1500 B.C.E., though glass beads have actually been discovered from as far back as 4000 B.C.E. Difficult to make, glass was made in molds at this time, generally utilized in design and containers for liquids.

In the late 1800’s, glass designers such as Louis Comfort Tiffany brought the art of stained and blown glass to a larger appeal, making lamps and art. Tiffany glass is still a searched for collectible.

 The patron of glass bongs

glass fish The History Of percolator bongs Is Rather Interesting

The undoubted patron of contemporary blowing glass bongs is an individual called Bob Snodgrass. He fathered the color altering glass bong making procedure of “fuming”, or finish the inside of the water pipes with vaporized silver. He started making his glass bongs as he followed the Grateful Dead Tour.

glass fish The History Of percolator bongs Is Rather Interesting

The next year he took a trip and offered every piece he  might make, and as the years passed, his trainees increased.
Quickly, lots of moved and began stores of their own, however Oregon was to remain the birth place of the modern-day glass craftsmen revival..

Meet Tommy Chong

glass fish The History Of percolator bongs Is Rather Interesting

Quickly, another terrific dude of pot, Tommy Chong, entered into the business with his very own line of pipes and bongs, and the scene skyrocketed to brand-new heights. This celeb status generated bigger stores and higher love of the hand crafted sensations, a few of which would bring costs of well over a thousand dollars. Both art and artifact, tool and prize, the glass pieces were connected with our marijuana culture.

glass fish The History Of percolator bongs Is Rather Interesting

‘Operation Pipedream’ – What the hell??!

Then a storm began in 2003, as Attorney general of the United States John Ashcroft introduced “Operation Pipedreams”, a 12 million dollar effort to rid America of drug stuff. Targeting big providers, they put Tommy Chong in federal jail for 9 months, although he didn’t run the business. 54 other individuals got probation and fines, and it appeared that the magnificence days were over … They weren’t.

Glasswork nowadays

glass fish The History Of percolator bongs Is Rather Interesting

Today, glass blown pipes and glass bongs are a multi-million dollar market, from regional artists to huge factories, however they are almost all still made by hand. With double bubblers, diffusers, spill-proof twists, as well as ice chambers, glass is more fantastic than ever.

Beyond the easy to use advances, the craft itself has actually progressed with intricate pieces that are so lovely (and pricey) you nearly do not wish to smoke out of them. Who am I kidding, I understand I would! Have a look at a few of today’s wild productions in the pictures throughout this post, and follow the connect to a sneak peek of a great documentary about this fantastic sub-culture of artists, including the story of the godfather of modern-day glassblowing, Bob Snodgrass.

Above all, the next time you take out that lovely piece of smoking devices, keep in mind: it’s more than a piece of glass; it’s a piece of our culture, a piece of history, and it’s an artwork.

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