Triple Percolation With This Quality HoneyComb Bong

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triple honeycomb bong

This scientific triple honeycomb bong gets you high, so high you can touch the sky!

The bong has a recognizable but sleek and beautiful design in matching colors.

The triple honeycomb filters provide countless bubbles. This give you tasteful but smooth hits, full of flavor! And if you like the most fresh and silky hit possible just put in some ice notches. This triple honeycomb bong is made with the stoner in mind and it was never so easy to relax and enjoy your high.

triple honeycomb bong

We listed all the benefits if this triple honeycomb bong for you:

  • Never break your bong because of the stable round base and the high quality glass
  • Get the most soft and ice cool hits you can imagine
  • Get the cleanest but most tasteful hit possible due the triple honeycomb percolation
  • Get high with massive hits
  • Sit back and enjoy the beautiful design of your bong

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