Weed Star Triple HoneyComb Ice Bong


Weed Star Triple HoneyComb Ice Bong

This particular unbent glass bong with steady round base from Weed Star will certainly make an awesome add-on to everybody’s bong assortment. This dope looking bong is developed by Ziggi Jackson and made totally from premium borosilicate glass. It includes a streamlined stemless style with inline dual disc diffuser and 3 colored HoneyComb percs. Smoke passes through the inline dual disc diffuser that is perforated with many small holes. These holes separate cannabis smoke into smaller particles. The HoneyComb discs then separate these particles into loads of bubbles, cleaning the smoke for a silky smooth toke that is easy on the throat and lungs, however still loaded with taste. The ice notches permit you to put a number of frozen cubes in the tube for an even smoother, nicely chilled hit.

This kind of triple HoneyComb ice bong by Weed Star comes shipped equipped with a male 18.8 millimeter transparent glass slide bowl. A striking various colored Weed Star logo design is put on the tube of this bong that complement the painted ice notches and HoneyComb percolator very well.

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Weed Star Triple HoneyComb Ice Bong

Want a triple honeycomb bong? Let me say look no further, this bong is nothing but kick-ass. It is incredibly well made and the price is unbeatable.

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