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Mushroom and Frog Hangover Glass Ice Bong


Mushroom and Frog Hangover Glass Ice Bong

Mushroom and Frog Hangover Glass Ice Bong

This Hangover Mushroom and Frog themed glass bong measures 30 cm / 11.8 inches in height and has been designed to be used with dry herbs. The bong is equipped with a 14.5mm ground joint that securely holds the removable downstem with attached herb bowl in place. The thick, rimmed mouthpiece feels super comfortable to use and the circular foot provides great stability. Three ice notches allow you to place a few ice cubes in the bongs tube to cool the smoke. A carb hole is located on the side of the tube for extra control of your hits. The bongs shape allows you to use it in a laid back position, so sit down, relax and fire it up.

The bong is easy to use and works by pulling smoke through the submerged downstem. This causes the smoke to diffuse before being pulled up the hangover style bent neck, passed the ice cubes and out of the rimmed mouthpiece. This process results in a smoother cooler hit that is still full of flavor but a lot less harsh on the throat and lungs than a dry pipe. This clear glass bong is decorated with colorful Mushroom and Frog decal on the upper part of the tube.

This powerful bong is super easy to clean and maintain and big enough to pull out at a party and enjoy with all your friends. If looked after correctly this bong will last for years! Check out our incredible selection of bongs, bubblers, hand pipes and accessories available to order online today at the number one smoke shop

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