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ROOR Little Sista Beaker Bong 7.0mm Red logo | 35cm | 14.5mm


ROOR Little Sista Beaker Bong 7.0mm Red logo | 35cm | 14.5mm

ROOR Little Sista Beaker Bong 7.0mm Red logo | 35cm | 14.5mm

With a stable beaker base and 7.0mm high-grade glass, this ROOR bong from the Little Sista series will last for years and can withstand a little rough handling. ROOR’s bi-stable joints are double thick and doubly strong. This model is 35 cm tall and includes a 14.5mm sliding funnel bowl with random colored glass roll stopper and a 14.5mm non-diffuser downstem for a strong, snappy hit. The ROOR logo is featured prominently in bright red, so everyone will know that you’re a connaisseur when it comes to glass bongs!

Founded in the 1980s by German glass-blower Martin Birzle, ROOR produces high-end premium borosilicate glass bongs and smoking accessories, many of which you can find right here on, your number one online head shop!

To verify your ROOR bong is the real deal and not a cheap copy, every ROOR bong now comes with its very own seal, which is like its own fingerprint. Every seal has its own unique tag with 3-dimensional air bubble field and an alphanumeric ID. You can either scan the QR code next to the bubble tag or enter the ID code on the seal at If yours is the real deal the pattern that will appear after you enter the code is identical to the one on your seal.

All ROOR items are handmade therefore shapes and downstem lengths can slightly vary. We strongly advice to measure the unique length of your downstem when you receive your bong, in case this needs to be reordered.

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